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Hey, There are no words to describe how thankful I am for what wjrentals did for me. I woke up this morning with no roof over my head. I was expecting to sleep in my new apartment last night, that earlier in the day they said I was approved for. They finally called me late in the afternoon and said I was denied. So there I was homeless. Then I called you early this morning and explained my situation. Its Only 2 pm and I have the keys to my great new place. A place that is 10 times better than the place that denied me. wjrentalscom, Thanks……… Nichole

Selecting the Best is very hard but with their service it was so easy! Everyone is so professional and extremely helpful every step of the way… and based on my experiences with trying other service search locator, this was by far is the easiest and logical process I’ve come across.


Very professional and really helpful. The property was clean and had everything we needed in it. We have been impressed with this company wjrentals, and would recommend them. Would definitely use your service again.


So far we have tried wjrentalscom service over the last few years and each one has been very good value.. We always have the information we need and the web site gives a good representation.


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